Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The shortest days...

Holidays / Sundays [I dont have two day weekends :-( ] are few are far between these days (ofcourse Sundays come after regular intervals, but with the workload everyone has, they seem to be a distant reality atleast for the first 3 days of the week).
Now when these holidays or off days do come, they also disappear way too fast for our liking and end of it we realise that there's so much more we could have done or had to do but we just spent the day sleeping (which is not a bad thing in itself - catching up on lost sleep). Well atleast happens with me quite a bit, so I have decided to put down a short list of things that could be done on such an off day -

- Clean your room
- Arrange your cupboard
- Do that pending shopping for the house
- Catch up on the book you started reading ages ago, while muching on something inconsequential and sipping something chilled.
- Watch that movie thats been lying around for quite some time, begging for your attention
- Do some cooking for yourself
- Or just go eat out at that joint you've been wanting to
- Call up friends you haven't talked to in a long time
- Go wash your car / bike / scooter / cycle
- Cut your nails, get a haircut, take a long bath
- If you have a garden, water your plants
- Go for a drive with your favourite music on (if you aren't fed up of driving to and back from work and if you don't live in a metro where you'll be stuck in a traffic jam)

Ofcourse there are lot's more that can be added to this list, but then this is as far as I could stretch my perspective based on my lifestyle and living conditions.
O and please don't do all of the above together, as it would turn to be heavier than a work day.

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