Friday, August 24, 2007


So we finally went on a trip......after quite a bit of deliberation about the location, Kodaikanal was where we landed. Or rather we landed in Bangalore and then took a bus.

It was a good break from work, a good break to meet up with frenz and a good break to try out my new camera.

The journey to Kodaikanal was an overnight bus from Bangalore. Pretty comfortable except that the bus didn't stop anywhere for food. We didn't care too much though as most of us were sleeping anyway.

The place we had booked for our stay was okay too. Had seating arrangement for food etc. in a little garden with a nice view.

The place as such is like a normal hill station. A few places to see, which we visited on a guided tour, a trek of about 5 kms one way to see a rock shaped like a dolphin's nose. Don't know why people walk all the way for that, but our gang made the most of it with the ample number of photos clicked on that nose. There's also those double cycles available on rent which you can ride alongside the Kodai lake. Nothing much to shop for except for things available at most hill stations in south - coffee, home-made chocolates, some oils etc.

The difficult part was getting a decent meal. Except for one village we stopped in during the guided tour, where there was some very good typical south indian food, all other meals were quite disappointing.
However, the worst part about the place was the blaring loud music playing everywhere. It was extremely irritating especially since we didnt understand a word of it.

And then came the return journey. It was a bus journey from hell. Rash driving would be an extremely subtle description of it. And everyone other than us seemed to be quite used to it. Well, we reached.

One thing revived during the trip after MDI was dumb charades. Once we started playing, we continued till the time we boarded the return flight from bangalore.

As for me, tried a few things with my camera and tried to put some reading on photography into use, as my frenz would tell you :). Some of it was quite useful as well. Will try and upload a few photos here as well when I can.

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