Thursday, September 28, 2006

The FMCG dream...

And so finally my rural sales stint in Orissa is over...
It was quite comfortable compared to what some of my friends have been going through in an effort to become successful sales/marketing professionals in the FMCG sector.
Every year all these companies pick up bright (atleast they hope to) young MBAs from the top b-schools in the country and then send them off for a reality check in one of the many rural parts of the country.
Some of us survive it and continue to pursue what we always thought was our dream, while others wake up and find that they would prefer a desk job (ofcourse in an AC office) after all. No more excitement of working in the field, no more fighting with those impossible looking targets.
I am still deciding which of the two catgories I would end up in, though as of now it seems to be the first one. However, only time will tell. Still lot of sales and marketing stints to go, this was just the first one. Dont know if I was able to add any value through the project I did, but it did add to my learning and understanding. So I guess that was a good thing.
Next stop - Ranchi

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Unlock the Mystery

Since i havent written in for a long time....let me just bring this up to date...
For the last couple of months I have been in Orissa travelling to the various rural parts of the state as part of my rural sales stint (the perks of joining an FMCG)..So a couple of days back I went for my third movie in Orissa (Rs. 22 for balcony)...the movie I went for was NAKSHA and I have decided to put up a review of the same for lack of a better avenue to express my views about this excuse for a movie...So this film distributor guy decided to launch his bro as director and they decided to make this movie...and as expected the movie was quite disappointing...the direction ..pathetic at best...the direction is what takes it from bad to ....well...extremely bad...I would suggest Mr.Sachin Bajaj (the director) to kindly take up another profession..There is this sequence taken straight from an english movie starring The Rock (here sunny deol) and Sean William Scott of dude wheres my car fame (here Vivek Oberoi)...mix it up with some indiana jones (and various other movies of the same genre...all of them several levels better than this tho) style quest for the ultimate power....add a heroin whose job includes- shaking what her mama gave her, being found screaming on a raft in the middle of nowhere, being left in the middle of nowhere after being injured and then appearing at the happy family reunion at the end...and you have Naksha - Unlock the mystery...tho there really wasnt any mystery...the script doesnt even add those apparently baffling clues (typical to such movies) properly....just scatters a couple of them for the sake of formality....And yet surprisingly I came out feeling better than I had been feeling the whole day....thats what happens when u stay alone in hotel rooms for this long a time....movies like this also seem like a decent timepass....So I guess all movies are relative to the mood the critic is in when he goes in for it..