Monday, July 23, 2007

Random update

A few days back I went to one of the open format outlets here to buy a couple of things for the house along with my flatmate. We picked out the things we needed, then saw a few other things we realised on seeing that we needed, so we had to take a small basket which soon got filled as we kept seeing and picking up stuff. Then we saw some discount deals and before we realised we were walking to the counter with a whole cartload and more......

And that captures the reason why these outlets work and why modern trade is growing so fast.

A Big Bazaar outlet opened here a couple of days back (after a months delay), and the excitement generated was amazing to say the least. There wasnt even enough space to walk 2 meters without bumping into someone. And on the weekend, the entire road in front of that mall was jammed.

Working in an FMCG, I should be analysing the effect of all this on the consumers I cater to, but at this point all I can think of is....when is the entire mall gonna open up along with that long awaited multiplex and a McDonalds, Pizza hut or Dominos. Absolutely nothing here so far other than a Cafe Coffee Day. And this is the state capital.....

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